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April/May Newsletter



As the nation takes a closer look at how to better protect the environment and reduce emissions, Amtex Precision shows a special interest. We take every precaution to put safety first and use energy efficient processes in everything we do.

We engage in cutting and welding technologies that minimize fumes emissions in a protected environment. It is an ongoing objective of Amtex Precision to reach and maintain economic and environmental sustainability. We do our best to protect our own and to protect you!


 Metal-Fabrication&The Economy

Lindsey Piegza, Chief Economist at Stifel Nicolaus & Co., called it when he said, “Tepid overseas demand, a strong US dollar, and a sizable inventory overhang have created the perfect storm for US manufacturers.” Well stated, but we recognize that circumstances in some areas fuel opportunities in others. While demands for certain commodities are down, lower prices continue to spur growth and drive consumers. For example, even as consumers have tightened their belts in a cyclical economy, as gas prices drop they find it a great time to buy a vehicle. Recreational vehicles sales are up, and WardsAuto predicts the sale of 17.3 million units in 2016—growth that would naturally increase steel prices. Single-family home production is expected to increase 27% in 2016 resulting in higher demands for appliances.

As the economy shifts, we engage in metal diversification. While oil and gas needs may be down, commercial construction and telecommunications are up. There are new markets with demands based on advancing technologies. Future restaurant concepts involve high demand for touchscreen ordering technology and robotized fast-food operations, both of which require sheet metal parts and enclosures.

We except moderate growth in metal fabrication for 2016, and we’re glad to see our loyal customers a big part of this success in a fluctuating economy.

Having Houston as our Amtex home, we are honored to be near the forefront of technology for several industries, including our own of Metal Fabrication. We get to see and experience new ideas and we love to share that with our customers. To follow our newsletter and receive information on our always growing stainless steel industry, please sign up on the Amtex homepage.